What is a Brazilian wax?

There are lots of girls who simply shudder at the very thought of getting a Brazilian wax. This procedure is indeed a bit painful and not many women are comfortable with the idea of exposing the private parts in front of a stranger. This article is meant for those who have not yet undergone a Brazilian wax or do not know anything about the procedure. In Brazilian wax is shaving off the entire pubic hair, back and front. It is very different from French wax or bikini wax as it takes off only the sides around the bikini line.

Why should one get a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is actually a better alternative to shaving as it lasts longer. The hair is actually removed from the follicle and is not removed at the skin level only. The effects can last for up to 6 weeks so one needs to undergo this procedure only 3 – 4 times during summer.

What happens during Brazilian wax?

At the salon the technician will give you a full overview of the process if you ask so desire. There is no need to feel embarrassed or be afraid to ask questions. After the initial Q&A session you will be required to take off your bottom clothes and lie down on the bed.

It must be mentioned here that before you visit the clinic you must get the pubic hair trimmed to � inch length. But if you have not done it then the salon expert will do it for you before starting with the procedure of Brazilian wax. This actually helps to reduce the pain when the process starts.
Different salons follow different procedures when it comes to the actual waxing. Many parlors use hard wax which can be pulled off without using any strips while others use regular wax or strip wax. All methods are perfectly fine but for removing hair from the sensitive areas it is always recommended to use hard wax.
After the waxing stage is over, the salon specialists will use tweezers to get rid of any remaining hair while there are a few salons which refrain from using tweezers. After the whole process is completed baby powder is applied to the waxed area so that there is no redness or swelling.

Is the process painful?

It is very difficult to give a right’ answer here as the concept of pain itself is very subjective. There are many women who experience huge pain while undergoing the procedure while others may feel only a slight discomfort. There is an unwritten rule it will hurt more for people with thicker and darker hair while the pain is comparatively less for people with thinner and lighter hair. Again when you do the Brazilian wax for the 2nd or 3rd time, the pain will be much less. The body gets used to the process and gradually the pain will diminish.
The Brazilian wax is getting very popular as the growth of pubic hair takes a long time and you will have a hair free pubic area for many weeks.

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