Laser Hair Removal FAQ


1. How does the hair removal laser work?

The hair removal laser produces light which is been absorbed by melanin and results in selective energy focus on hair follicles.     laser hair removal


2. Is it dangerous?

Assuming both that the right device is chosen and the operator is well trained then there are no dangers. The room where the laser hair removal takes place should be appropriately modeled based on international standards. Additionally, everyone in the room should wear specific protection glasses, because laser is dangerous for eyes.


3. Are there any side effects from its use?

There are no long-term impacts in human organism from laser use. Laser neither penetrates in human body nor affects other organs. Hair removal laser targets specifically the hair follicles and destroys only those. The above are verified since lasers are used for decades in medicine.


4. On which body parts can be applied?

Laser hair removal can be applied in every body part where there is unwanted hair growth.


5. Does it hurt?

Laser hair removal might cause discomfort while applied. It depends mostly on how sensitive the application area is and the power of application (chosen by the operator). Also, the use of local anesthetic cream almost eliminates the discomfort.


6. How long does it take for a laser session to be completed?

It depends on the surface of the application area. For example, leg hair removal might last about 45 minutes while armpit hair removal lasts no more than five minutes.


7. What should we do after the laser session?
Usually, after the laser application, there is a slight redness in the area, which goes away quite fast. The use of a moisture cream along with a sun block on the exposed area is recommended, especially on sunny days.


8. How many sessions are required for a satisfactory end result?

The unwanted hair riddance procedure includes repetitive sessions on a regular basis. The number of those sessions cannot be determined from the beginning. Experimental data along with international bibliography suggest that after six laser sessions almost 85-90% reduction of the unwanted hair has already taken place. From there on, if the aesthetic result is not satisfactory enough, some additional laser session might be needed. In general, body areas such as women’s faces and necks or men’s backs are areas with more hormone dependent hair and therefore, a larger number of sessions are required.


9. How much time is required between sessions?

The time required between laser hair removal sessions depends on the skin and hair type. In the beginning, no more than 45 -50 days should pass between sessions. As hair become thinner, the above period becomes larger. Consistency, as far as those periods concerned, is thought to be a significant condition for impressive results.


10. Does it worth the while?

Laser hair removal definitely worth the while and cannot be compared with any other hair removal method, mostly because of its permanent results. It is the only method that leaves the skin smooth and soft, without redness or unwanted pimples. Though most of the times is preferred for aesthetic reasons, it is the only medically proved solution for those who suffer from thylacitis.

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