Female facial hair removal – what are the options?

Facial hair is something that really bothers women. While it suit men, on women facial hair is viewed as unattractive. And it usually grows very fast. In some cases, it is hardly visible, or so thin that the problem can be resolved easily by bleaching the hair. As much as it helps, and in some cases it makes the facial hair close to invisible, it is not a permanent solution. And in some cases, bleaching facial hair can also make the hair stand out more, or cause allergies.The traditional, most used method used by females for facial hair removal is tweezing. With a good, sharpened tweezers, it is easy to remove facial hair, whether it be stray eyebrow or that unwanted female moustache, at home. All you need is good quality tweezers, and take good care of them, by taking them for sharpening regularly, to make sure they will work properly. It is, although, a time consuming process, that requires patience and precision. And it is also quite painful, as you have to remove the hairs one by one.Another very popular method of facial hair removal for females is by waxing.  facial hair removal


Waxing can also be done at home, with ready made wax strips, that only need the warmth of your hands to be ready to use. You can find those easily in your local drugstore and they are quite affordable and easy to use, as they even come in special sizes for use on the face. However, the better method for waxing is to use a hot wax. Some brands produce kits for that already, so that you can do it as home, without professional equipment. It requires strict hygiene though, whether at home or at a salon. So whether you choose to do it at home or at a salon, one need to watch out for the tools to be completely clean, and that the wax is not recycled, as they might be residue. And also, you might need to still go in with the tweezers afterwards. On the brighter side, waxing is the quickest, and probably less painful method of facial hair removal for females.


Facial hair removal for females, namely eyebrows, can also be done by threading, Threading is a very simple method, that once again can be done at home, as the only thing you need is a thread, which most people have from sewing kits. It is also a popular method, whether done professionally or at home, as it’s very convenient. Some say it can be painful though, as you are pinching the skin repeatedly, so be wary of that.Finally, facial hair removal for women can be done through laser treatments. Laser treatments are convenient because they are precise, and have long-lasting, in some instances permanent, results. However, there are risks. And laser hair removal can only be done professionally, sometimes taking several sessions before you can actually see results, which make it an expensive treatment, but it might be worth it, if you have the money, and none of the traditional methods as worked for you so far.

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