Brazilian Wax-Confidence is Sexy

Confidence is sexy; every woman wants to feel the need of being confident and sexy in skimpy bikinis and sensual lingerie, escaping the embarrassment of having a lot of pubic hair. Due to this revolution most women have opted for Brazilian waxing where most of the pubic hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between. Not only is this beauty therapy enjoyed by the women themselves, but also men benefit from it too where it makes both parties enjoy more satiating sexual intercourse. A Brazilian wax might just be the best solution to lift every female to a whole new level.

Waxing of the pubic region has become more popular than ever before and although seen as a new trend it is actually thousands of years old. It was first practiced in Brazil by women who began to wear very tiny swimsuits like thongs. With time it became popular to other parts of the world like India, Persia and Greece. Its advantages are being discovered by more and more women today with both forms of waxing becoming ever more popular.

There are a lot of obvious advantages of Brazilian waxing. First, you get an incredibly smooth skin all over after all hairs have been removed. The waxing lasts for some time probably 4-6 weeks before you go for another session. The other benefit is that it enables women to stay on their already planned budget since it is cheap and affordable to all. The pain endured during Brazilian waxing reduces every time you go for another session making it easier for you to adapt to it and not become paranoid every time you book a session. Hair also grows finer and lesser each time you wax, making it easier to pull out the next time and less to wax.

Weeks of no hair in hard to shave areas are a huge benefit of Brazilian waxing but the process can also come with some less than desirable side effect that last long after you leave the spa or wax studio. There is the pain factor as it is experienced as the hot wax is gently applied onto the base of your pubic area and the hair is removed from the grain roots. There is also an embarrasment factor where most women are not comfortable being naked waist down for a couple of minutes to a person they just met. Long-term medical problems like illness becomes also a factor if the tools used for waxing are not sanitized well, this may cause skin infections which cannot be solved by painkillers and antibiotics only surgery can solve it.

Although the benefits outweigh the risks of getting a Brazilian wax, every woman should be careful, curious and very observant. Before you make an appointment choose a reputable facility, be sure that the professional cosmetologist or aesthetician is licensed by the state and has received training in Brazilian waxing. Ask about the wax, if it is gentle and if it adheres to the hair and skin. Keep an eye on the hygiene on the practitioner; does he/she sanitize his/her hands? If you aren’t impressed with what you’ve seen then speak up and request for more safety measures. If you are comfortable then get a Brazilian wax and enjoy its benefit by being more comfortable and sexy.

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