December, 2013

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Saw Palmetto-Treating Hair Loss The Natural Way

Saw Palmetto had been used by the Native Americans to treat acne and urinary problems in males and female breast disorders. It was promoted as being useful in treating prostate troubles as well. The fruit of the plant, which is rich in Beta-Carotene, phytosterols and fatty acids is widely used in alternative treatment to prevent hair loss naturally.

Hair loss and hair thinning are one of the most common problems that are reflected with the progression of age. Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, mainly affects men who are in the age group of 30 plus and women that have high level of testosterone due to hormonal abnormalities or menopause. This kind of baldness is manifested mostly on the top of the head and around the temples.

Saw Palmetto is believed to target the effects of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. To an extent, this hormone is responsible for male patterned alopecia. The so essential male hormone testosterone combines with an enzyme known as type II alpha reductase and results in the formation of DHT. DHT, an androgen causes the hair follicle receptors to shrink in size and choking the new hair growth, resulting in androgenic alopecia. Saw palmetto is believed to block the formation of DHT. DHT is also known to be a trigger behind prostate problems. This is the reason behind the action of this herb due to which both of these conditions enter a phase of stagnation or remission.

A few studies have shown that a regular intake of the extract lowered the DHT production and its absorption by hair follicles on scalp as well. However, due to the lack of clinical backing and limited research, the alternative herbal treatment may take some time to be publicly recommended by the doctors. There is a need for further studies and clinical evidences but the targeted action of this herb is a worth a try for sure. A problem can be treated in a number of ways but it is important to identify the cause behind it, after identifying the cause and the trigger, treatment should be centred towards seeking the most appropriate solution.

Since there is a lack of medical backing for the herb being used as a hair loss remedy, the natural treatment may benefit the cause. It is very natural for any individual to respond differently to various stimuli. So, the reaction can differ from person to person in driving results. The herb may produce some side effects which can include stomach-ache or vomiting. Patients that have medical conditions related to heart, liver or stomach should be careful and only start the treatment after consulting their doctor. Patients with hormonal disorders or bleeding disorder should be wary of this treatment. Pregnant, breast feeding and women on hormone replacement therapy should avoid saw palmetto as the herb directly affects the hormone production. So, those who boast of good health can definitely give it a try and those who have a condition to consider, before trying the natural remedy, should consult their doctor and start the treatment only after getting his approval.

So, Saw Palmetto as a natural remedy to treat hair loss is definitely worth a try because it treats the problem at its root and nips it in the bud.

inversion therapy – the truth

The principle of inversion table dates back to a time long ago when back pain among the human population was in its incubation. There can be a lot of reasons as to why we experience back pain but whether it is because of congenital issues, poor posture or damages to the body this therapy has been highly effective for the purpose of controlling it. Thus using an inversion table is highly recommended for those suffering from back ache because this is a very effective remedy against this physical discomfort.

Given the unique nature of this therapy, one of the first queries which people pose is whether it would be safe or is it likely to increase the discomfort? Health practitioners opine that unless it is a case of heart disease, hypertension or pregnancy, it is perfectly safe to try out the inversion table. However, care should be taken to pace the schedule and angle of inversion gradually in order to derive maximum and long term benefits.

What are the benefits which can be expected after having embarked on such a treatment? The list of benefits is endless, the foremost being stretching of the body and realignment of the vertebrae. Other positive consequences include enhanced elasticity of the vertebral column, strengthening of ligaments, improved blood circulation and restoring of good posture.

Since everyone would like to enjoy these health benefits, the next natural query which follows pertains to the various types of inversion tables. Some of the common models of inversion table are ergonomic, seated, fold able and ones which invert only partially. Not all models would be suitable for everyone and choosing one which is apt for the buyer’s height and weight depends on personal needs and preferences.

Apart from deciding on the most suitable type of inversion table and equipment, another point which should be checked at the time of purchase is the condition of the back board. Among the many back board designs which are available in the market, an ideal choice would be the one which strikes a balance between rigidity, comfort, usage and purpose. Checking out the types of ankle restraints is also vital as these are bound to impact the performance of exercises.

Other features which can be checked out are types of arm assists and special add-on like motorized versions, heated back boards, easy release handles and so on. Equally essential is to learn how to use the inversion table prior to launching on an exercise schedule and let the body get conditioned to it slowly.