November, 2013

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Brazilian wax tips

Brazilian wax is a type of bikini waxing that involves hair removal from the front, back and everything in between. It is very common between most women and men as it brings the sense of cleanliness, liberation, sexiness and generally enhances the overall appearance of someone in a swim costume, bikini or lingerie.

Brazilian wax is painful and can be embarrassing especially to persons experiencing it for the first time. This is because one is required to remove clothes at least from the waist down and be in rather uncomfortable positions. It is perhaps for this reason that some people shy away from this waxing experience.

Embarrassing as it may be, Brazilian waxing provide great results and really enhances one’s beauty. Below are quick Brazilian wax tips that should encourage and most importantly offer a better waxing experience.

Preparation tips for a Brazilian wax

It is very important that one prepares psychologically, physically and emotionally before going for waxing. Here are a few Brazilian wax tips to help one prepare better.

  • Do your research and ask questions

Finding as much information as possible will help one be better prepared before the actual waxing takes place. Information on Brazilian wax can be easy found the internet as there are numerous articles, views and reviews. Asking friends or other people who have had the wax done before is also a great way to know all there is to know. Eventually, one will learn what to expect and this will greatly ease any tension or second thoughts.

  • Don’t be too self conscious

The thought of being naked in a room with a stranger will make it more difficult for someone to go through with a Brazilian wax. Accept the fact that you will have to be naked for the session and realize that you are being handled by professionals who are more focused about the ultimate results.

  • Take a hot bath before going for waxing

Having a hot shower will open up the pores in the skin which will make it easier for the hair to be removed by the roots.

Brazilian wax tips during the session

The waxing session takes from 15-30 minutes. While you are on session the following Brazilian wax tips should help you have a better experience:

  • Talk to the esthetician – avoid suffering in silence, talk to the provider if you are too uncomfortable. They can ease up and help you have a better experience.
  • Ask for pain relievers – in some cases if you have a low pain threshold, pain killers can be provided such as tropical anesthetics
  • Keep calm – don’t be too anxious as the calmer you are the faster the session will end.
  • Don’t hold your breath – take steady deep breaths. This will ease your tension, relax your body and slow your blood flow

Pain relief tips after the session

After the session is over, the following tips will help to relief the pain:

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel or tea tree lotions on the skin. This will cool the sores and pain
  • Gently massage over the waxed area to increase blood circulation and reduce pain
  • Take a cold shower to cool your body effectively
  • Don’t take too long for another wax session, schedule sessions between 4-6 weeks apart, this will make your waxing less painful

As they say, no pain no gain, but with all the tips above, you should be able to have a better experience when you go for your Brazilian wax.

Brazilian Wax-Confidence is Sexy

Confidence is sexy; every woman wants to feel the need of being confident and sexy in skimpy bikinis and sensual lingerie, escaping the embarrassment of having a lot of pubic hair. Due to this revolution most women have opted for Brazilian waxing where most of the pubic hair is removed from the front, back and everything in between. Not only is this beauty therapy enjoyed by the women themselves, but also men benefit from it too where it makes both parties enjoy more satiating sexual intercourse. A Brazilian wax might just be the best solution to lift every female to a whole new level.

Waxing of the pubic region has become more popular than ever before and although seen as a new trend it is actually thousands of years old. It was first practiced in Brazil by women who began to wear very tiny swimsuits like thongs. With time it became popular to other parts of the world like India, Persia and Greece. Its advantages are being discovered by more and more women today with both forms of waxing becoming ever more popular.

There are a lot of obvious advantages of Brazilian waxing. First, you get an incredibly smooth skin all over after all hairs have been removed. The waxing lasts for some time probably 4-6 weeks before you go for another session. The other benefit is that it enables women to stay on their already planned budget since it is cheap and affordable to all. The pain endured during Brazilian waxing reduces every time you go for another session making it easier for you to adapt to it and not become paranoid every time you book a session. Hair also grows finer and lesser each time you wax, making it easier to pull out the next time and less to wax.

Weeks of no hair in hard to shave areas are a huge benefit of Brazilian waxing but the process can also come with some less than desirable side effect that last long after you leave the spa or wax studio. There is the pain factor as it is experienced as the hot wax is gently applied onto the base of your pubic area and the hair is removed from the grain roots. There is also an embarrasment factor where most women are not comfortable being naked waist down for a couple of minutes to a person they just met. Long-term medical problems like illness becomes also a factor if the tools used for waxing are not sanitized well, this may cause skin infections which cannot be solved by painkillers and antibiotics only surgery can solve it.

Although the benefits outweigh the risks of getting a Brazilian wax, every woman should be careful, curious and very observant. Before you make an appointment choose a reputable facility, be sure that the professional cosmetologist or aesthetician is licensed by the state and has received training in Brazilian waxing. Ask about the wax, if it is gentle and if it adheres to the hair and skin. Keep an eye on the hygiene on the practitioner; does he/she sanitize his/her hands? If you aren’t impressed with what you’ve seen then speak up and request for more safety measures. If you are comfortable then get a Brazilian wax and enjoy its benefit by being more comfortable and sexy.

Female facial hair removal – what are the options?

Facial hair is something that really bothers women. While it suit men, on women facial hair is viewed as unattractive. And it usually grows very fast. In some cases, it is hardly visible, or so thin that the problem can be resolved easily by bleaching the hair. As much as it helps, and in some cases it makes the facial hair close to invisible, it is not a permanent solution. And in some cases, bleaching facial hair can also make the hair stand out more, or cause allergies.The traditional, most used method used by females for facial hair removal is tweezing. With a good, sharpened tweezers, it is easy to remove facial hair, whether it be stray eyebrow or that unwanted female moustache, at home. All you need is good quality tweezers, and take good care of them, by taking them for sharpening regularly, to make sure they will work properly. It is, although, a time consuming process, that requires patience and precision. And it is also quite painful, as you have to remove the hairs one by one.Another very popular method of facial hair removal for females is by waxing.  facial hair removal


Waxing can also be done at home, with ready made wax strips, that only need the warmth of your hands to be ready to use. You can find those easily in your local drugstore and they are quite affordable and easy to use, as they even come in special sizes for use on the face. However, the better method for waxing is to use a hot wax. Some brands produce kits for that already, so that you can do it as home, without professional equipment. It requires strict hygiene though, whether at home or at a salon. So whether you choose to do it at home or at a salon, one need to watch out for the tools to be completely clean, and that the wax is not recycled, as they might be residue. And also, you might need to still go in with the tweezers afterwards. On the brighter side, waxing is the quickest, and probably less painful method of facial hair removal for females.


Facial hair removal for females, namely eyebrows, can also be done by threading, Threading is a very simple method, that once again can be done at home, as the only thing you need is a thread, which most people have from sewing kits. It is also a popular method, whether done professionally or at home, as it’s very convenient. Some say it can be painful though, as you are pinching the skin repeatedly, so be wary of that.Finally, facial hair removal for women can be done through laser treatments. Laser treatments are convenient because they are precise, and have long-lasting, in some instances permanent, results. However, there are risks. And laser hair removal can only be done professionally, sometimes taking several sessions before you can actually see results, which make it an expensive treatment, but it might be worth it, if you have the money, and none of the traditional methods as worked for you so far.

What is a Brazilian wax?

There are lots of girls who simply shudder at the very thought of getting a Brazilian wax. This procedure is indeed a bit painful and not many women are comfortable with the idea of exposing the private parts in front of a stranger. This article is meant for those who have not yet undergone a Brazilian wax or do not know anything about the procedure. In Brazilian wax is shaving off the entire pubic hair, back and front. It is very different from French wax or bikini wax as it takes off only the sides around the bikini line.

Why should one get a Brazilian wax?

Brazilian wax is actually a better alternative to shaving as it lasts longer. The hair is actually removed from the follicle and is not removed at the skin level only. The effects can last for up to 6 weeks so one needs to undergo this procedure only 3 – 4 times during summer.

What happens during Brazilian wax?

At the salon the technician will give you a full overview of the process if you ask so desire. There is no need to feel embarrassed or be afraid to ask questions. After the initial Q&A session you will be required to take off your bottom clothes and lie down on the bed.

It must be mentioned here that before you visit the clinic you must get the pubic hair trimmed to � inch length. But if you have not done it then the salon expert will do it for you before starting with the procedure of Brazilian wax. This actually helps to reduce the pain when the process starts.
Different salons follow different procedures when it comes to the actual waxing. Many parlors use hard wax which can be pulled off without using any strips while others use regular wax or strip wax. All methods are perfectly fine but for removing hair from the sensitive areas it is always recommended to use hard wax.
After the waxing stage is over, the salon specialists will use tweezers to get rid of any remaining hair while there are a few salons which refrain from using tweezers. After the whole process is completed baby powder is applied to the waxed area so that there is no redness or swelling.

Is the process painful?

It is very difficult to give a right’ answer here as the concept of pain itself is very subjective. There are many women who experience huge pain while undergoing the procedure while others may feel only a slight discomfort. There is an unwritten rule it will hurt more for people with thicker and darker hair while the pain is comparatively less for people with thinner and lighter hair. Again when you do the Brazilian wax for the 2nd or 3rd time, the pain will be much less. The body gets used to the process and gradually the pain will diminish.
The Brazilian wax is getting very popular as the growth of pubic hair takes a long time and you will have a hair free pubic area for many weeks.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ


1. How does the hair removal laser work?

The hair removal laser produces light which is been absorbed by melanin and results in selective energy focus on hair follicles.     laser hair removal


2. Is it dangerous?

Assuming both that the right device is chosen and the operator is well trained then there are no dangers. The room where the laser hair removal takes place should be appropriately modeled based on international standards. Additionally, everyone in the room should wear specific protection glasses, because laser is dangerous for eyes.


3. Are there any side effects from its use?

There are no long-term impacts in human organism from laser use. Laser neither penetrates in human body nor affects other organs. Hair removal laser targets specifically the hair follicles and destroys only those. The above are verified since lasers are used for decades in medicine.


4. On which body parts can be applied?

Laser hair removal can be applied in every body part where there is unwanted hair growth.


5. Does it hurt?

Laser hair removal might cause discomfort while applied. It depends mostly on how sensitive the application area is and the power of application (chosen by the operator). Also, the use of local anesthetic cream almost eliminates the discomfort.


6. How long does it take for a laser session to be completed?

It depends on the surface of the application area. For example, leg hair removal might last about 45 minutes while armpit hair removal lasts no more than five minutes.


7. What should we do after the laser session?
Usually, after the laser application, there is a slight redness in the area, which goes away quite fast. The use of a moisture cream along with a sun block on the exposed area is recommended, especially on sunny days.


8. How many sessions are required for a satisfactory end result?

The unwanted hair riddance procedure includes repetitive sessions on a regular basis. The number of those sessions cannot be determined from the beginning. Experimental data along with international bibliography suggest that after six laser sessions almost 85-90% reduction of the unwanted hair has already taken place. From there on, if the aesthetic result is not satisfactory enough, some additional laser session might be needed. In general, body areas such as women’s faces and necks or men’s backs are areas with more hormone dependent hair and therefore, a larger number of sessions are required.


9. How much time is required between sessions?

The time required between laser hair removal sessions depends on the skin and hair type. In the beginning, no more than 45 -50 days should pass between sessions. As hair become thinner, the above period becomes larger. Consistency, as far as those periods concerned, is thought to be a significant condition for impressive results.


10. Does it worth the while?

Laser hair removal definitely worth the while and cannot be compared with any other hair removal method, mostly because of its permanent results. It is the only method that leaves the skin smooth and soft, without redness or unwanted pimples. Though most of the times is preferred for aesthetic reasons, it is the only medically proved solution for those who suffer from thylacitis.